Grandma Mary

Me and Grandma Mary and on my wedding day!

Recently she passed away at the age of 91. What a great life she had. I am proud to say she is my grandmother. She was a very strong woman and overcame a lot in her life, I hope to be like her one day!

She was a happy person, I love to see these old pictures of her and my grandfather happy as can be!

She loved to dance, her and my grandfather went dancing a lot and even when he passed away she would go to the senior center and dance.

She was a very generous person and even helped me pay for my college experience and that I am very grateful.

The first major league baseball game she went to she won a motor home and traveled the country with my grandpa! She was a lucky lady!

She loved to garden and spend time taking care of her plants and flowers. She passed down this love to my father and myself!

Tradition was to go out to eat when we visited my grandma, often it was to a Mexican food restaurant, she loved a good Chili Relleno

My grandma had a great sense of humor, she was always making jokes and very “quick on her feet.” All the family dinners throughout the year I don’t really remember the actual jokes but I remember laughing with her!

One of my first memories of her was when I was very little and I believe that my parents were at the hospital having one of my younger brothers. She had me helping with the laundry. I was putting my cloths back in my drawer and smashed my finger in the drawer. I cried of course and remember wanting my mom. She helped my shake it off and get back to work!

One Spring Break when I was about 13 years old, a friend, my brother and I went to spend a few nights at her house. We were quite bored and decided to go to the mall. We took the bus since she didn’t drive and it was nearby. Later that evening we were bored again and wanted to get out of the house, so we told her we were going to go to the movies. But we just went to the mall and walked around again since there were no movies playing at that time. We thought we were so tricky. When my parents came to get us the next day she told them all that we had been doing, including going to the mall instead of the movies. Even our well thought out plan couldn’t trick her!

Even when she got older my grandma had a quick mind, she would watch the news and knew all about the latest technology. She would tell us about the latest computers, cell phones and other technology.

She was not a super affectionate person but was someone who I knew loved and cared a great deal about me.

She is missed already but I am blessed to know that I will see her again one day. I love and miss my Grandma Mary!


Rus & Bren said...

What a great tribute to your grams! I can totally tell those little girls are you! What a great blessing the gospel is...knowing that we can be with our loved ones agian.

Julie said...

What great memories and pictures of your grandma. She sounds like a cool lady!

lynz said...

priceless pictures! she's too cute :)

Em-Cat said...

Has anyone told you you look just like her? Pictures of her when she was young look just like you! Beautiful tribute Sabrina...I'm so sorry for your loss.

Love you friend.