My Hot Hubby!

Happy 27th Birthday Kevin!

Kevin turned 27 on Sunday, it was a very low key day. We did get to sleep in a bit (thanks Kaleb), we went to church and then had a quiet evening at home. In light of these past 27 years I thought I would share 27 things you may not know and I love about Kevin.

1. His a great listener.
2. Kevin served his mission in Brazil and enjoys speaking Portuguese when he gets a chance.
3. Kevin can fix, put together or build just about anything. Including tile, kids toys, cars, cabinets, and much more.
4. Kevin is child #3 and the second boy in his family.
5. Kevin enjoys being outdoors, we can't wait for summer here in Portland.
6. Kevin would rather ride a bike than go for a run.
7. Kevin got a speeding ticket with me in the car once while we were dating, silly boy, but fun story.
8. Kevin loves the church and is great at teaching others what he knows.
9. He is a very supportive spouse and helps me do anything I want.
10. Kevin is a very compassionate person who reaches out and serves his family, friends and neighbors often.
11. Kevin is the best Contra (an old school Nintendo game) player I have ever seen.
12. Kevin has curly hair but likes it short so it is not the most noticeable.
13. Kevin is about a foot taller than me, and I love it!
14. Kevin has to hunch over to hug and kiss me.
15. Kevin has beautiful blue/green eyes, or should I say handsome since he is a guy.
16. Kevin loves humid places like Brazil where you do not need lotion.
17. Kevin is an amazing dad, Kaleb just lights up when he sees him.
18. Kevin is so ticklish, it's funny!
19. Kevin keeps me on track in life.
20. Kevin is a great student and loves to learn.
21. Kevin is going to be a tutor in graduate school.
22. Kevin loves to share the things he learns at school which are often way over my head (Bio chem, Gross Anatomy or Histology). When it is over my head we like to say "Nerd Alert, Nerd Alert."
23.Kevin use to work at the lock down Phyc ward at the U of U hospital, those were some interesting people.
24. Kevin can makes friends ever so fast, in our old ward some of his closest friends were the old guys.
25. If given the chance Kevin would go to school forever, he would study, Physics, Engineering, Psychology, and a bunch of other things I can't think of right now.
26. Kevin would jump on a plane to Hawaii at a moments notice, he loves that place.
27. Kevin is my best friend and I wouldn't change a thing about him!

Happy Birthday!


KRISTIE said...

Happy Birthday Kevin!!!!

The Fullmers Three said...


Sidney said...

Great post Sabrina! Happy Birthday Kevin!

Em-Cat said...

Wow! I learned so much about Kevin! Happy Birthday Kevin!

Robyn said...

I wish I loved my husband that much! Ha ha. You guys are cute.

johndeere4 said...

What a great tribute. Not that he is dying or anything, but I love that you love my bro so much to write such great things about him.
We love you.

mel and april said...

Happy Birthday Son! Were so happy that you two found each other. It's
a comfort to know your there for each other. Love ya Mom

TyandKolbi said...

Happy Birthday, Kevin! Good luck with getting paid to be a lifelong student....haha! If you find the chance, Tyler would probably join you ;)

Nicole Wagner said...

That was so sweet and I have to say that i've been very impressed by your husband. he's the kind of person you can just feel the spirit around.....the kind of guy I'd want my husband to hang around ya know?
You are a doll I guess you guys are a perfect pair;);)

Happy Belated Birthday Kevin!