Kaleb is growing too fast!

Our kids are growing like weeds and are so fun! After talking with a friend I realized that I really should be spending my time writing things down about my children's life and not on Facebook! I mean what will I have to show for all the time I spend on Facebook stocking people? When I blog at least my children can look back and see what we did as a family and what they liked to do as children. I love my kids a lot more than Facebook! So here is to a new start to my leisure time on the Internet!

Kaleb is almost 5 and that is just crazy! I am so proud of the little boy that he has become. I love hearing my kids tell each other jokes, mostly the why did the chicken cross the road sorts. They are not really funny but just random. The best part is that they laugh at each other. Nothing melts my heart more than to hear how they love spending time together.

Kaleb is all about Rhinos these days and loves to play charades, this is where he goes in his room and comes out as an animal and we have to guess who he is. There are holes in all his pant legs since he is always on his knees playing this game.
We love to spend time outside, this was our first family hike of the season.

Kevin and I have the chance to be Kaleb's primary teachers. We love it, we get to have fun with the 4 kids in our class! I often get that mothers pride when my boy knows the answers and participates in the lesson. Now don't get me wrong he is not a saint, he is silly and hard to handle sometimes but I just love to know he is learning and remembers things that we have taught him! One Sunday while in Sharing Time they were spotlighting kids in the primary and everyone else was trying to guess who it was. "This girl road on a donkey for three hours up a hill" Kaleb proudly raised his hand and shouted "Mary"! He was referring to Mary the mother of Jesus. All the adults ahhhed at his cuteness!

Kaleb has been going to pre-school for this year and loves it! He really enjoys playing with his friends and doing crafts and learning too! One day when Kevin picked him up he told him "Dad have you met Alorah? She is in my class and she is sooo nice! You really should meet her." It was so funny and cute, he loves his friends and has learned to play well with other too!

 Dad teaching Kaleb a little basketball. We have a ways to go since he easily gets side tracked.
 This big boy still sucks his fingers when he falls asleep.

Kaleb loved the fish at Cabella's, apparently this is his new "place" as in new place to go with dad.

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