Belated Halloween

This year I again decided to make Halloween costumes, in my head it seems like a lot of fun but in reality I usually wait to long to start and then I get stressed out! This year a few people helped me get started earlier than I would have on my own so that was good! I also learned a few things about sewing by doing it, and believe it or not I actually want to sew more! On to the Christmas projects!

This was the first year that Kaleb had an opinion about what he wanted to be and for some reason he choose to be a bat. I think he choose this because he saw a Diego Halloween episode where he was a bat and we have also been reading in an animal encyclopedia which has lots info about bats. So he decided and I reinforced that he was going to be a bat, I did not want him changing his mind that day. So we went with that theme and Avery was a black cat.

I love this sleeping bat picture :0)

I also decided to make the kids bags, good thing they were super easy!

Saturday we went to our ward Halloween party. There was a chili cook-off, crafts, a costume parade, and of course trunk-or-treating. That was the best part of course! Kaleb really got into it and was so excited to see all the candy. He had a few treats but surprisingly he was satisfied after that and did not even ask for any the next day.
 Then on the spur of the moment (like 10 minutes before) we decided to carve pumpkins with the cousins. As you can see they loved it!

On Halloween itself we went to the Children's Museum where they had some Halloween themed activities. I also got to visit with an old friend from Utah, unfortunately I did not take any pics of that! Kaleb for the first time loved the face painting area, he went to town!

 And last but not least the big event, trick-or-treating with friends. Kaleb was very observant and wanted to see everyone get their candy. He was also a bit shy/scared of the Halloween decorations. But of course he had a blast, Avery not so much! She lasted about 20 minutes and then was a crying mess. It was her bedtime, poor thing. Oh and he wanted to walk/run from house to house with his great friend Cohen, too cute!

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