Sweet Sweet Kaleb

Kaleb has always been a sweet boy but sometimes his busy and touchy personality have come off as rough and mean. So now that he is getting older, understanding more, and had a little sister he has become even sweeter! I love to watch him talk to his sister with his soft loving voice. I love to see him sing her a song when she is upset and I can't get to her right away. I love to see him share his toys in nursery when I am peeking in the window. I love to hear him ask a friend if they want a pretzel, chip or treat. I love when he listens the first time and stays out of danger. I love the comments from strangers at the store that he is well behaved. I love the Costco lady telling me how cute he is! I love this boy who is growing up in so many ways. He surprises me and makes me proud everyday! We love our Kaleb!

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Rus & Bren said...

He is getting so big.