A Little of This and That!

This apparently what happens when you leave a 2 1/2 your old by themselves for too long! He found the shredder, dumped out the very small pieces of paper and continued to throw it all over the place! Right as I found him I had to answer the phone (f0r work) and so he decided to throw the paper into even other places like at his sister and Mom who is trying to be professional on the phone! Ha ha

Oh and his idea of cleaning it up was to pick up piles and put them in the trash can and then dump all over his sister who was in he bouncy chair! Eventually there was a trail of these little shreds all over the house! What fun!

Kaleb and I needed a picture, this is the best we can do these days, he does not stay still! He says "cheese" while he plays or looks the other way, for some reason it it too hard to look at the camera, oh well!
Kaleb loves to play in his tent. We eat lunch there sometimes, we play games in there and read books in there. So when we left it in his room for a few days he decided to take his naps there too! He would start out in his bed and ended up here with his pillow and blanket and animals! I love watching this sweet boy sleep!
Avery is finally enjoying bath time and loves to cuddle in her dryer heated towel after!
She is also smiling a lot and seems to be a happy camper most of the time!


MotherBeck said...

LOVE that picture of you and Kaleb. So cute!

TyandKolbi said...

Can you believe Avery's blue eyes??? Such cute kids....Sending hugs your way :)

Rus & Bren said...

Wow...look at those beautiful blues.
Ryan says Kaleb looks in trouble. He has made a few messes like this one before.