So much to do so little time!

So the last few days I have created long lists of things that I think need to get done before this baby arrives. So are necessary and mostly they are just things I would like to have done. My sweet husband has been so awesome, he even keeps asking what else needs to be done. Here are some of the things on my list.

Pick up diapers at Rite Aid (I have a coupon for some free ones)

Return a borrowed carpet cleaner (we cleaned carpets and our sofa, it looks so much better)

Exchange a shirt at Costco

Make another crib sheet

Finish the crib skirt

Pack my hospital bag

Take Kaleb to pick out gift for sister (he choose a yellow giraffe that plays music)

Coordinate babysitting for Kaleb

Take the hospital tour (I really should have done this long ago)

Borrow Baby Wise book (I have to refresh my memory on how to deal with a baby)

Go the grocery store to stock house with plenty of fast meals

Buy ink for the printer

Wash the car (Can I tell you how my husband rocks, it was raining today and he still washed the car, it was that dirty)!

Go to the bank and post office for work

Buy Halloween costume supplies

Re-caulk bathtub (This should have been a 20 minute job but when Kevin got the old caulking off he realized there was a problem and it turned into a full tile job of our bathtub. Wow he is amazing, I love having a handy man around!)

Here is my official 39 weeks pregnant picture!


Allison said...

You look great! I'm glad Kevin is so ready to help you with the list. And I'm sure all will be just fine if some things are not done quite yet. Wish we lived close so I could help!

Rus & Bren said...

You look amazing. If we lived closer I could help you out. We love you and hope all goes well on Tuesday.

Steph said...

Big list! I also wish we were closer to help you out, but it sounds like you have lots of great friends there. Good luck! We'll keep you all in our prayers for the next few days, can't wait to hear all about your princess's arrival!

Steph H said...

You look fantastic! I'm impressed with your list and energy levels! When I was at the end of my pregnancy my list was "sit on the couch"... check. Good luck!

Amy said...

You do look great!! There's always so much to do before a baby comes. Good luck with the delivery. I hope everything goes well!

Chris said...

Look how cute you are! Hope all goes well!