A little Sun

Kaleb and I got to make a trip to CA to visit my family! It was a much needed break from all the rain and we got to see family!

Kaleb loves his "Gammy" and I think she likes him too!

I am so blessed to have a wonderful mother, she is my very best friend and I loved spending time with her doing the things we always do. We went shopping, we did some sewing and we just talked, it was great!

We also spent time with my Dad, what a great man. I am so lucky to have a father who is constantly serving others, his family, friends and even the random person he meets. He is an amazing example to me.

While there he took me on a "daddy daughter" date to the Angles game and it was fun as always. My brother Ben also took his daughter, my very cute niece Anna!

And it is no surprise that Kaleb loves my dad. He would run and shout "Papa" every time a door opened. He loved helping him in the yard. Here he is hauling mulch to a planter with the wheelbarrow. He was in heaven!

It was also great to see my brother and his family! Kaleb got so excited each time we did something with them. We went to the zoo, played in the backyard, went to the beach and even rode a train. Here is the only picture with all the kids, oops I really need to get better at that.

We were sad to leave the sun behind but we sure missed Kevin. Until next time California, take care! We love you all!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sabrina! Saw your link on Facebook and popped over! Ashley (ferrell) Rogers here! Our Blog is www.jaxonsfam.blogspot.com if you ever want to visit!
Your little boy is gorgeous, and I swear he is the spitting image of your brothers at that age!!

Julie said...

We missed you, but were so glad you got to take a much needed break! Love the picture of Kaleb and your dad with wheelbarrows. Adorable!

lynz said...

first of all, super jealous of the shorts! we miss those things around these parts! haha
second of all, cutest picture ever of the wheel barrow twins! so fun to have such awesome family and glad you guys had so much fun :)

Steph H said...

You look beautiful in the top picture!! And I love that your dad took you on a daddy daughter date even as a grown up.