A Day at the Park

Things in our neck of the woods are turning to Spring. Which means we spend a lot of time outside. Kaleb is a busy boy and loves to spend time at the park. Whenever we drive by a park he yells slide! So since Kevin is hard at work we went to the park with friends. Kaleb does not seem to be scared of heights or of climbing up things that are not quite his skill level. I literally caught him hanging from a ladder that he climbed up several times.

Kaleb and Jack "hiding in the bushes," so fun!

Here he is going down the little slide, he also climbs right up to the big slide and goes down himself.

Oh and this picture is for you Dad, he loves his BYU hat!


Steph said...

We are SOOOOOooooo excited for you guys to get here! Zach has big plans for Kaleb and all of the things he can play on. Maya wants him to ride her Scooter-ooter, trikie bike and car.
We'll see you tomorrow, hooray!

Em-Cat said...

Wow. I can't believe how big he's getting! They grow up so fast don't they?

Steph H said...

That's so fun! I can't wait till my girls are big enough to run around in the park!