Happy belated Thanksgiving!

We had a great Thanksgiving with family! My parents came to visit a few days before and then we went to my brothers for a few days. It was great to show them the sights, sit and just talk with family and eat good food! Here is a sampling of the things we did!

We hit up the Rose Gardens but there were no roses. Oops, next visit will have to be in the Spring!

We went to the zoo and saw the new Lions exhibit. Very cool but yikes they can get close!

Kaleb loved playing with his cousins. M and K were so cute talking to each other, apparently M can understand all of Kaleb's jibber jabber!

We saw Santa at the Tree Festival and Kaleb was not too excited about sitting on his lap. Last year he had no cares, this year he is a bit frightened so maybe next year he will be excited to see Santa?

We all went bowling and John got the high score! The kids loved it. Kaleb tried to kick the ball instead of rolling it and it never did make it down the lane.

And here are a few of the "ham" Kaleb with Grammy and Grandpa. He loved having them here. The next day I asked Kaleb where they were and he ran to the bedroom, looked inside, put his arms up and said "uh-oh." I guess he thought they were missing. It was very cute.

Oh and a few things to remember for next year.
- Black Friday shopping can be fun even if you go to Wal-Mart!
- Turkey sandwiches ARE good even if you put cranberry sauce on them.
- Taking picture of Kaleb is great but we need more pictures of the adults
- Driving in a very full car is not always fun.
- And remember to be Thankful everyday, we are very blessed!

Happy late Thanksgiving!


KRISTIE said...

How nice that your parents were able to come up and see you! I bet you all had so much fun. I can't believe how big Kaleb has gotten. What a cutie, even if he doesn't love santa, you know katie never trusted santa :)

lynz said...

even at wal-mart eh?!? i was too scared to go there! such cute pics with the fam and sounds like you guys had a great thanksgiving :) good notes for next year too!

TyandKolbi said...

It is so fun to see Kaleb enjoying his cousins! Ryker is afraid of his - haha! Noise and wiggly little munchkins makes him cry every time. We think it is funny. We're visiting the in-laws this weekend, so that will be interesting!

Glad to see your parents up for a visit! AND that you went Black Friday shopping - yahoo! I need to call and catch up! I miss having you around!!!