Today I Feel...

Tired: I have this weird hand falling asleep thing that keeps waking my up at 3am and it makes it hard to go back to sleep. I need a nap.

Sad: We are moving and I didn't realize it until this morning that I am going to miss living here (even if we are only moving less than a mile away). We will not live next door to Jared and Julie, our friend Emily, the chapel we go to church at, the cute little neighborhood we go walking in and the little park down the street. We will have to visit often.

Hungry: I think I forgot to eat breakfast again, too much to do, so little time!

Blessed: I love my husband he helps me in so many ways and yesterday he brought me some gorgeous flowers! He is a great guy and I wouldn't trade him for anything!

Excited: To have my brother and family visit and then in a few more weeks go to California and see the entire family all at once! I can't wait to see little Sam, lay the pool, go to the beach, and spend time with old friends!

Love: I just love that cute little Kaleb. I am loving this age where he is exploring everything. He loves to climb, run, jump (well at least he tries), and talk. I love that little guy, like a friend says "he is so cute I want to just eat him right up!"

There are lots of things to do since we are moving tomorrow! Yikes, it was a fast decision but we are excited about it and are anxious to get settled into our new house. Oops I better get back to the packing!


KRISTIE said...

i hate moving, i feel your pain

lynz said...

awww, i feel for ya! moving is so hard even if it's just a mile away. i'm just glad you're still in the ward and neighborhood, and we are here to help however we can! do you want dinner on saturday after the move and unpacking and everything???

Steph said...

We'll be there soon! Excited to see you. :)

Sidney said...

Okay, so why are you moving???

Nicole Wagner said...

I love your post. so candid. Sabrina, you are one of the sweetest people I know. Please let me know how I can help too once you get settled.
love you!

Em-Cat said...

Sabrina! We can't wait to see you and your family when you come to California. I'm so excited to see Kaleb and how he's grown. Hopefully we aren't in San Diego when you come. I'm crossing my fingers now!

Love ya!

Kevin said...

love you too sweety!!!