New Tricks

Like every other parent out there we think our kid is pretty amazing. Here are some of Kaleb's new tricks. He can roll onto his belly if left on the couch. Here he is before, during and after the roll.

He enjoys belly time and can hold is head up really well!

Oops sometimes his heads weight will pull him over onto his back.

And his latest trick is to find his hands and suck on them, yummy!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, He's pretty smart!! He's also really cool!

Sabby said...

Is that you Kevin? Of course you think he is smart and cool!

johndeere4 said...

Cute, Cute, Cute, Cute!!!. It is amazing how fast they learn new things.

Allison said...

The comment from Kevin and the response from Sabrina made me laugh.

I can't believe how good he can hold his head up for two months old! He's amazing!

charonfamily said...

What a sweet little face. Way to go on the turn-over!