The Great USA

Isn't this country great? Don't you just feel inspired by watching the Olympics? Some of those athletes are even older than I am, so maybe there is still hope? If I start training now maybe I can be there in 2012? Maybe we can bring back tug a war, apparently it was last played in the 1920 Olympics.

Another reason I love this country is because of the freedoms we enjoy. Kaleb and I took our first educational field trip to see one of the 25 surviving original copies of the Declaration of Independence. This copy was essentially the news bulletin of the day. It was how people learned we had declared our independence. The story is quite interesting click here to read more.

Next field trip I hope that Kaleb will participate a little more!

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Phoebe said...

You should totally work on bringing the tug of war back. I'll be on your team.

BTW did I tell you that we had the same carseat for Agnes? I loved it.