Utah Capitol Reopens

The Utah State Capitol is officially reopened after 6 years of remodeling. So Kevin and I went to the open house. Here are some of the interesting things we found and the pictures we took!

Window in the Governors Suite

This is on the first floor under to Rotunda, can you see the feet of those above?

This is my favorite, this was on a display showing different remodeling projects. Check out his teeth!

Cool Light Bulbs

Fun Facts
• The interior Capitol dome is 165 feet above the rotunda floor.
• There are 14 lions' heads and 10 beehives inside the chamber of the Utah House of Representatives.
• Gavin Jack sculpted the lions that originally stood at the east and west entrances of the Capitol in 1915. New lions were sculpted in 2007 by artist Nick Fairplay.
• The rotunda was left unfinished for nearly 20 years until artwork could be funded.
• The monolithic columns inside the Capitol are about 26 feet tall.
• There are 29 desks in the Senate chamber for each Utah senator.
• There are 75 desks inside the House chamber for each Utah representative.
• John C. Olmsted, son of the man who designed New York City's Central Park, designed the landscaping for the Utah Capitol.
• 200 different colors of paint used to recreate historic paint schemes
• 6.5 million pounds of concrete reinforcing steel used in restoration
• About 4,771 construction workers helped with project
• Two years to plan reconstruction, more than six years of design and construction
• 5,022 pieces of new terra cotta placed in drum and dome in Capitol
• 76 miles of audio visual wire and cable installed


John Sebastian said...

Looks like a fun little field trip! :)

Allison said...

I can't believe its finally open. I was so tired of looking at that scaffolding.