5 months

Well if you were wondering this is what I look like these days, my "Bertha" has grown considerably!

Me with the baby at 5 Months

Kevin with the baby at 5 Months (don't be frightened, his gut is really not that big!)


Steph Hock said...

I love it! That made me laugh a lot. Kevin's baby looks great. And you're already five months? I can't believe it! You didn't look that big last night. Way to carry it well :)

Allison said...

Hey bertha, how's it going!

I'm so glad you posted a picture, I hate not being able to see people when they are pregnant.

And Kevin, congrats on the twins. He he. Actually, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Steph said...

Umm, why is there another Steph posting on your blog?? This is unacceptable! :) JK.

Your post makes me laugh. You are much cuter pregnant than Kevin. (Sorry Kevin ;)


tracyjax said...

ah you are so cute pregnant!...so are you sabrina...hahaha