Crazy Corn Maze

So here in Utah (or so I thought it was just here) they have this funny tradition to take a perfectly good field of corn and cut a maze out of it. I am not really sure how this all started but it tends to be a fun Fall outdoor activity. So last night for a friends birthday we went to the Crazy Corn Maze!

It was fun to be out in the cold trying to find our way to each of the 9 designated signs. I have however decided that being tall has its advantage. Kevin was really good at figuring out which way to turn and how far to go in order to make it to the next mark. I think he could see over the corn which made it easier. I however thought it all looked the same. According to him you just have to remember which way is north, south, east and west. So that is our tip for the next time you take your chances at a corn maze.


Em-Cat said...

I've been to a corn maze in California (in Norco actually with our friend Dan). So I guess it's not just a Utah thang...

Allison said...

I've never been to one actually... I picture them being kind of like the movie "The Labyrinth" which always scared me as a kid :)

Em-Cat said...

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