Icky Sicky

So I am not sure if it's the weather here in Portland, the winter in general or just germs being passed around but there are too many babies sick! Kaleb has had a cold which is now bronchitis and our niece is in the hospital with pneumonia Little Holly has had all sorts of treatments and procedures to help her get better. And I am sure the stress is hard on Jared and Julie and the other kids. I hear she is getting better which is great to hear. (click here to read more).
Kaleb has been sleeping a lot which is good for his body to heal but I keep checking on him because I'm worried. When he is awake he breaths heavy, tends to have less energy and coughs now and then. He is sleeping good and a lot, the humidifier seems to help. So there is not much to do, right? Being a first time mom I think I might worry more than needed. Here are a few pics of Kaleb sleeping with a runny nose.

On a happier note, Kaleb likes to stand-up all the time. His latest trick is to pull himself up against the wall (nothing to hold onto). Although it makes us nervous he is quite proud of himself. He also enjoys a good game of hide and go seek in the laundry basket. His latest stats from the doctors office are 22.5lbs (yes you heard right) and 30 inches tall. My mom pointed out that I am only 63 inches tall, yikes


Allison said...

Oh goodness - his cold turned into bronchitis? Poor kid. It is certainly the season for all of that. Don't feel bad about worrying, that's what Moms do. Labored breathing is always scary. I thought Anna was dying the first time she had croup.

How scary for Jared and Julie, I can't imagine having that kind of a scare with such a young baby.

On another note - he looks ADORABLE. So cute.

Hope everyone gets better soon.

Nicole Wagner said...

I love how cute and happy he looks standing up!!
As you knwo i'm no stranger to HUGE kids lol...I like them big, I think they're so cute and squishy!
As for the sick thing...it's so hard to watch them suffer...but it's so nice when they get better and you feel so GRATEFUL!!
hope he's better soon!

johndeere4 said...

He is such a cutie. Hope he gets better quick. The first major cold is always the worst. Thanks for sharing. As always love to you.

Rachel said...

I think there is a really bad cold going around everywhere. Everyone here has had it and it is very hard to get over. Isaac was almost back in the hospital last week because of it. We have a breathing machine, which also seems to help. It can be scary and exhausting, but he will get better. Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

Hope Kaleb is feeling better. He sure is growing and is adorable. Grandma is giving him a big hug....
Did you and Kev get the flu shot??
Love ya

Steph H said...

Man, look at all that dark hair! I love it. That last picture is the greatest face--quite the little schmoozer!