Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day!

So basically I'm falling apart in my old age. This week I have had a cold (or something of the sort) which lead to a fever, my throat is killing due to this post nasal drip, which also prevents me from sleeping because that brings on a cough, my pregnancy carpal tunnel is acting up (which must just be carpal tunnel and not due to being pregnant), I woke up with what I thought was pink eye and to top it all off my pinkie toe hurts. See I really am falling apart. I am happy to report I am feeling much much better now, but it reminded me of one of my favorite childhood books, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Here is a recap.

From the moment he wakes up with gum in his hair, things just do not go Alexander's
way. At breakfast, Alexander's brothers Nick and Anthony reach into their cereal boxes and pull out amazing prizes, while all Alexander ends up with is . . . cereal. The situation does not get any better at school, in fact it gets worse. No wonder Alexander wants to move to Australia! In Australia, everything is upside down, so maybe a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day can become a wonderful, terrific, really good day. After school, Alexander encounters even more bad news when he visits the dentist and goes shopping for sneakers with his mother and brothers. And Alexander's father isn't at all happy with him when the boys visit his office and Alexander gets a little carried away with the new copying machine! This terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day is enough to make anyone want to go to Australia!

Remember this one? What books did you love as a child?


KRISTIE said...

that's awful, it just not right for mom's to get colds, i hope you feel better soon :)

Sidney said...

I'm glad you are having MUCH better day! I'll post my favorite childhood book on our blog shortly! I hope you are enjoying Oregon!!!

Phoebe said...

It's a classic! And interesting how we can keep relating to Alexander, even as grown ups.

Steph said...

Sorry you aren't feeling well. I think being a sick mom is one of the hardest things in the world!
One of my favorite books when I was little was "There's a monster at the end of this book." With Grover. Zach LOVES that book also. :)
I hope you are all back up and healthy soon! We sent your library book on Friday so it should get there early this week.

Lacey said...

Poor Sabrina!
I wish I knew you were feeling sick, I could have made ou some soup! I am glad to hear you are feeling better and hope it stays that way. My first sicknedd after having AJ was really hard, I call my mom and asked, "who do you call in sick to when you're a mom?" she just laughed and I was sad. But I made it through and here I am. My all time favorite book growing up was "The Giving Tree" by shell silverten, if you haven't read it you need to. I will for sure be getting a copy of the book you talked about it sounds great!

TyandKolbi said...

Oh, no.....I hope this isn't a sick - extension from the last time I saw you, when you had the sinus infection!!! If I were closer I would help you take care of little Kaleb! Get better soon!

P.S. Email coming soon, there is just so much to update you on!

P.P.S. My favorite books were the Mercer Mayer Little Critter books!