The big 5

It's amazing that Kaleb is now 5 months old. We are having so much fun with him as he grows and learns so fast! He is able to sit up really well. He grabs for toys and my hair all the time. He loves to talk and has discovered that he has a voice and often likes to squeal. He sometimes gets upset when strangers are talking to him (sorry lady at JoAnn Fabric). Everything goes in his mouth. He is a great giggler and smiler. What a fun little man he is!


johndeere4 said...

I can't believe how big Kaleb is getting. I don't hardley recognize him. How fast time flies and how fast they grow. He sure is a handsome little one.

Jessica said...

He is so adorable. I can't believe he is already 5 months old. Do you love being parents to such a cutie pie?

Steph H said...

Well I WAS a little hurt when this adorable baby with big brown eyes got so upset in my presence. I mean, what is it? My beehive hairdo? My applique seasonal sweater-vest? My mom jeans? Hopefully our next encounter will be a little more positive. In the meantime, any baby that can pull off hunter-orange jackets is a winner in my book.

--Lady at JoAnn's Fabric