California Trip

4 generations!!
Yeah New Tile!!
Sal showing us how to move it, move it!!
My lovely family at California Wild Animal Park!!


Jodi Lee said...

Sabrina! we ran into Adam and Steph Hock last night, so I was checking out their blog and saw a link to your here I am. What a beautiful baby boy! don't you love being a mom? congrats! did you have fun in Cali? we just got back from orlando doing some theme parks too. fun times. where are you guys living now? you can check out our blog: hope all is going well!

Em-Cat said...

hmmm...sounds like you had fun...too bad you didn't call a certain friend who could've made it even more fun. Just kidding! I know how busy it gets when you visit family. Glad you had fun!
Kaleb keeps getting cuter and cuter.

Jennie-O said...

Cute pictures. Is that Kevin installing tile?!?!? What a good man he is.