The Great Outdoors

We love being outdoors so a few weekends ago we drove up Big Cottonwood Canyon to Silver Lake. Although the hike/walk around the lake is very short we enjoyed the outing and reminiscing of when we hiked there the summer of 2006. Back then we were dating and hiked the areas three lakes. That trip was much different. We hiked the more remote trails that take you to two other lakes in the area. It was an entire days activity. On our way back down to Silver Lake we lost the trail because of the snow still on the ground. We ended up sliding down a very steep area on our butts. It was a wet muddy adventure. I would love to post some pictures of that trip except that recently we lost a bunch of our pictures (sad huh!). Oh well I can still remember how much fun we had!


John Yrungaray said...

Thanks for the invite, sorry we couldn't make it. I think we were camping that weekend. Anyway, looks like Kaleb was quite comfy!

TyandKolbi said...

Very fun. I'm glad that you got out to enjoy some fresh mountain air! Side note, when we were tending the twins last summer, we thought it would be fun to take them on this same hike. Mistake, big mistake. That was shortly after Tyler sprained his ankle and we had to turn around after just a small portion of the loop. It was a really short hike!!! At least the kiddos got a good nap on the drive up!

Can't wait to see baby Kaleb again! And you guys, too ;)

Steph said...

At least there are pictures from the muddy bum hike on your wedding video! So they aren't lost forever! :)