Happy Valentine's Day!

In celebration of Valentines Day we decided to have a dessert party. The plan was for everyone to come over with their favorite dessert to share. I was excited to make a devils food cake in the cutest heart shaped pan with some yummy chocolate sauce, mini brownies with red and pink topping and a bubbly pink punch. About 13 of our friends stopped by with their fun desserts and we had quite the spread. It included cupcakes, apple stussel, pink popcorn, brownies, and pink pineapple unside down cake. We tasted a little of everything, YUMMY! The sad part is that my cake and brownies did not come out the way they should have. The cake should look like the picture above but instead was a heart with the middle all crumbly. And apparently brownies don't really work well in the mini-muffin tins. Oh well it was fun none the less! But next year when we have our dessert party I will be prepared for my desserts and you are all invited!

So how are you celebrating Valentine's Day? Any fun plans?


Allison said...

Fun party!

We are going out sometime this weekend for Valentine's Day/Our Anniversary. We are trying to pick a night it won't be so busy.

Steph Hock said...

Yum, yum! Those look good. We were really sad we couldn't make it that night. Thanks again for the invite! It's our turn to have you guys over sometime.