Have a Good Laugh!

So the funniest thing just happened! Kevin called me on his way home from the dentist. He had a cavity filled and he got the Nitrous gas, boy does he love that stuff. So imagine him talking with a bit of a lisp from the numb mouth and then being very happy and giggly. He tells me "I hate da dentis!" Why I ask him and he goes off about how the dentist should be sued because while he was drilling his tongue got caught in the drill and took off some skin. It is not that I do not believe him it is just that he was so mad about it. He told the assistant "my tong hurds!" Then he insisted I call Kelly right now to find out if that is normal, for a tongue to get caught in the drill. Then he went off about how he loves the gas, he knew he should stop laughing but was unable to control himself. To demonstrate he started to laugh on the phone and could not stop. No small giggle but a full minute of hard laugh. Anyway he was quite entertaining and gave me a good laugh. Just imagine it and you will enjoy Kevin's fun personailty too! No wonder I love him so much!

I have never had the gas but then again I am a bit afraid of medicine! Have you?

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Steph Hock said...

That's hilarious! It made me laugh just picturing it! Poor Kevin and his tounge.