This weekend we went to the PBR and witnessed quite a show. Some friends from our ward invited us to the Bull Riding competition. They don't do it small. There were fireworks, bulls with red eyes and blowing smoke, fire and plenty of lights and music. Only having gone to one other rodeo event I was surprised to learn several things.
1. The bulls are very well trained and seem to know what to do when, like act crazy and then go to the open gate when they are done.
2. Only a few cowboys got hurt. You see so many of the bed accidents on TV but these cowboys are tough!
3. U.S. Smokeless Tobacco still advertises all over the place, boo boo boo on them!
4. There are cowboys from all over the world including Australia and Brazil. Who knew that the Brazilian cowboys were so good?

Me, Jennie and Tyler enjoying the excitement!

A couple of the bulls names were Poison Oak, Stray Cat!

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Allison said...

That sounds like fun, I want to go sometime!