Killer Hike

For the 4th of July we decide to go on a hike. We just went to a trail we had seen from the road and decided to give it a try. My doctor had recently given me a lsit of things I can start to do. On the sheet it gave me permission to go hiking on "easy well groomed trails." So we gave it a try. About half was through the hike I was not sure if that was the best idea. It was getting steeper and Kevin kept saying a little bit further, just a little longer. When we go to the top my knee was very tired and I still had to get back to the car.

So we made it to the top and could see the other side of Emigration canyon. It ended up being a nice view. By the end my knee and good leg were very tired because they were shaking I had to hold onto Kevin as we went down. Kevin was great he even offered to carry me down. It was a workout for my weak little leg but it was a great day to be outside! Happy 4th of July!

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Allison said...

I wanted to tell you that Anna has said she has a hurt knee on multiple occasions since your surgery. In particular, she scratched up both knees yesterday and later in the day said, "I can't really do that - I hurt my knee like Aunt Sabrina." She has also been known to pull that card when she doesn't feel like walking up the stairs.