What is Camping?

We went on our first weekend camping trip to Pine View Reservoir. We even took our new tent, lantern and other camping gear. To me it was the perfect balance between rough out in the middle of nowhere camping and spending the weekend in an RV. We used our tent and slept in sleeping bags but we did have grass to sleep on and a bathroom nearby. Kevin says that it was not real camping because there was water and bathrooms and designated fire pits. But I say it is real camping because it includes sleeping on the ground, cooking food over an open fire and bathrooms that do NOT smell good. What do you guys think? It was fun none the less. We stayed up late with friends talking over the fire, Kevin got up early to go fishing, and we had donuts and bananas for breakfast.


Steph said...

Hmmm, well I always feel kind of gypped when we get a camping spot with grass because then it seems like fake camping...
but add in the campfire and smelly bathrooms and you are getting closer.
So I will halfway agree with each of you does that count?
It looks like you guys had fun!

Marlene said...

I say that if you sleep outside on the ground and there is no shower that it counts as camping. (But my opinion may be biased and disqualify me, since you know how much I like camping) I do love being outdoors, campfire food, and it does look like you were having fun. There are definitely redeeming qualities about it. Love Mom